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I am currently designing and launching this website and while I am trying to balance a newborn and designing it may take a bit to really "get it going".  Please be kind while I set up the framework and let me know if you see any problems or issues.  Thank you!

The Who?

Welcome to The Bottom Line in CNY!  It's is great to have you.  My name is Jennifer and I am currently a stay at home Mom (since my daughter is only 1 month old) to a teen daughter who is 14, a son who is 4 and our newest addition my infant daughter who is 1 month.  I am married to my husband Brian whom I love dearly and is kind enough to allow me to truly enjoy my one passion.  I love to save money and it is a game and a challenge to see how much money I can save and how much I can buy for my family without ever having to pay full price for anything.  Over the years I have had many people ask me, "How do you do it?"  I don't feed my family on $.94 in a month or go on vacation to Disney for less than $200 BUT I do try to stretch my dollar as far as it will go without snapping.  I decided since it is not just a lifestyle but also a passion for me that I would share my "tips and tricks" and in return all I ask for is feedback, sharing a deal you find or just a "pay it forward" by a few readers (which I will get into later).  Now that the introduction has taken place, let's start $aving some money!!!

The Why?

Through raising my daughter as a single mother for 13 years and often trying to find enough money for just the basics, I started looking at ways I could save money.  The most obvious way for me was to clip coupons.  Now I did not start out anywhere near as intense in it as I am now but once I purchased my first item for "free", I was hooked.  I found that by matching a coupon, sale, rebate and rewards, I could get many items for well below retail.  This eventually became a Sunday morning game for me.  I would grab a fresh cup of coffee and head out to the porch (during the 2 weeks of summer in and start matching my coupons to sales to see how much money I could save.  Nothing can describe the rush I feel when I see my total savings and know that I saved over 50% of what the "average Joe" would spend.

The Where?

Since I was born and raised (for most of my life) in CNY, all of my savings are related to Central New York.  From the ads in the Sunday paper to the sales and deals at the stores, it will all be in the Mohawk Valley.

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