Saving money through rewards programs

Not a single one of these programs will make you rich overnight but they will save you a few dollars here and a few dollars there.  All of these dollars add up to the bigger picture of saving money which is what we are really looking for!
These are all sites that I use myself and have received rewards or cash back myself.  I won't bother you with the websites I have tried that didn't hold up to their promise!
Search & Win


This is my favorite site simply because I receive the most rewards in the least amount of time!  It is a simple search site that rewards you for clicking on the search button.  I don't use this as my general search but I do use it many times a day.  I always put "Facebook" in the search box and click through the link.  Using the same search term and searching multiple times a day usually ends up with a couple "wins" and a total of between 9 and 11 SwagbucksSwagbucks can be redeemed for various prizes and gift cards and I prefer to use mine for an Amazon gift card.  I am saving these for Christmas presents!
I love my CVS Extra Care Rewards card.  I receive CRT (Cash Register Tape) coupons, 2% back on my spending total and by earning Extra Care Bucks I can often pay for my deals the next week with my savings from this week!  It works like the Price Chopper card giving you sales and discounts as well as Extra Care Bucks
ShopAtHome Banner
If I am shopping on the web, I always try to click through Shop at Home or Ebates to include cash back and reduce my overall purchase price.  When you sign up for Shop at Home you will get $5.00 right off the bat.  I have used this site for a few years and have had wonderful success receiving all my cash back.

Ebates account summary

Account Summary
My other favorite site for cash back is Ebates.  I usually check both Shop at Home and Ebates to see which one will give me the biggest cash back and shop through that sight.  The one difference between Shop at Home and Ebates is that Ebates issues your check quarterly regardless of the amount and Shop At Home only issues your check once you have a balance greater than $20.00.