I was in Rite Aid yesterday (doing my coupon match up of course) and there were Luvs Mega Packs, Huggies Pull Up Mega Packs and Pampers Cruisers on clearance.  Most of them were $8.99 (except the Luvs, I think they were $6.99).  All the packages were for larger sizes.  The smallest size I saw was Size 4 in the Pampers Cruisers and most were size 6.  The Huggies pull ups were for girls in size 4T-5T and there were a few packs of small and large Good Nights.  If you have a coupon for any of these and you could use them get over there and start $aving some money!
Welcome to the CLEARANCE! page.  With everyone's help this will be the page where we share any clearance deals we find locally.